These classes allow for children of varying abilities, both ambulatory and non-ambulatory, to learn basic gymnastics skills or work on general strength and mobility.  Our coaches have access to consult with physical, behavioral and occupational therapists when needed to ensure they are best prepared to coach your child.

ALL ages welcome, including babies and toddlers!

We offer a FREE trial class so that we can be sure we can accommodate your child’s special needs before you make a financial commitment.  After your initial assessment we will let you know if one one one sessions are best for your child, or if they can integrate into one of our scheduled classes with assistance from a designated coach.  In some cases your child will be able to transition to a scheduled class after a few one on one session to become acclimated to the gym and structure of our classes.

Please contact us to arrange your FREE trial class.

info@jumpstartgym.com (404) 252-5867