We will be maxing out classes at 5-6 depending on the age group.  Monthly cost is $89 (45 min) / $101 (55 m) per child per month.

If you have family / friends that would like to make a class exclusive (limiting it to people your child is already around), prices below are based on the total cost of 6 kids in a class:

Exclusive 45 min classes (per child per month)

6 kids – $89
5 kids- $106
4 kids – $133
3 kids – $178
2 kids – $267

Exclusive 55 min classes (per child per month)

6 kids – $101
5 kids – $121
4 kids – $151
3 kids – $202
2 kids – $303

REGISTRATION for  September 2022-May 2023 (ROLLING registration)

**Below charts the classes your child will attend per monthly fee, and the dates the next months fees are due.
**Please note we are rolling and there are many months with 5 of a certain day, and holidays which the gym is closed.
**Please take a moment to look at the dates that your child will attend classes for each month tuition is paid.
**Dates in red indicate the last date to drop a class each without penalty.  Drop requests received after this date will incur a $10 late drop fee.  All drop requests must be received in writing.
  • Interested in a class that you do not see listed? please send us an email at info@jumpstartgym.com with the age / time /day you are looking for
Class Price List:
 ~Registration Fee : $45
45 min classes                         —  $99
55 min classes                         —  $111
1.5 hour classes                       —  $171
Rec Stars (per day)                 — $171
Hotshots I  (per day)              — $171
Hotshots II (per day)              — $171

Discounts: There is a 10% discount for each sibling and second classes $5 off when monthly payment is paid by the monthly due date,  $5 off when enrolled in auto pay. Monthly (Sep-May) Class Fees (are manually drafted

Schools Out Camps 2022-2023  (wk) — $280 ($65 per day) Post Camp ($15) Pizza ($5)

All Jump Start classes are canceled 8/28-9/4.

Please call or text with any questions:

desk: 770-715-0724