Hotshots: Our Hotshots program is designed for our talented and gifted young girls, ages 3 to 6, to be developed for competition in the future on our  teams.  Girls ready for these classes are interested in form (toes, knees, arms) in addition to learning skills.  The girls in our Hotshots program are selected from our classes based upon their gymnastic skills, physical strength, desire to improve, and “coachability”.


The Hotshots program builds a strong foundation for your daughter’s future in gymnastics, but does not guarantee your daughter will be placed on team. Some girls will funnel to gym stars or shooting stars and others back into rec classes.  Being on a team is a much bigger commitment than just the skills.

Hot Shots I (3-5 years): Develops basic skills, flexibility, strength, and dance.


Thursday 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Hotshots II (4-6 years): After a child has a strong base of skills, flexibility, strength, and dance, Hotshot II begins exposing girls to the level 2/3 routines on all four events.  Hotshots II’s will have a chance to participate in a mock meet twice a year, December and at the end of the year.

Days/Times: Must come to both.

Monday  & Thursday 3:30 – 5:30 pm

For information about our hotshots program please email jsgteam@jumpstartgym.com

All Jump Start classes are canceled 8/28-9/4.

Please call or text with any questions:

desk: 770-715-0724