Gym Stars (7+ years – girls): This program is designed for our talented and gifted young girls, ages 7+, to be developed for recreational competition.  Some girls use gym stars as a stepping stone to the other team program.  Others participate in it because they are not interested in the more intense time/financial commitment of team.  Girls are selected from our hotshots program and rec classes based upon their gymnastic skills, physical strength, desire to improve, and “coachability”. Girls can request to tryout for this program by contacting gymstars@jumpstartgym.com

Girls will have the opportunity to compete in 3-5 local meets Dec 2020 – May 2021, including two JSG hosted meets. Competitions hosted by other gyms are not required, but are strongly recommended.


Monday 3:30-6:00

Wednesday 3:30-6:00


Monday 5:30-8:00

Wednesday 5:30-8:00

Invite only

Thursday 5:00-8:00

For more information on our Gym Stars program please email gymstars@jumpstartgym.com

All Jump Start classes are canceled 8/28-9/4.

Please call or text with any questions:

desk: 770-715-0724