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Just You & Me Kid (3 months- 3.5 years old)

Just You & Me Kid classes support the development of a social network for care givers & parents; helping them to get out and about to meet others and their babies. Working moms benefit by creating structured activities for your caregiver and baby; helping to start a routine important in emotional development.

Moving Monkeys (3 months-crawling) Wobblers 30 min

Crawling Caterpillars (7 months-walking) Crawlers 45 min

Climbing Crabs (10-20 months) Walkers 45 min

Jumping Jaguars (18 months-2.5 years) Trotters 45 min

Hopping Hares (2-3.5 years) Runners 45 min

Preschool Gymnastics (3-6 years old)

The Preschool Gymnastics program is designed to focus on the child’s willingness to attempt challenges and find success in just trying. The skills are all taught in progressions with an emphasis on safety. We applaud everything your child tries to do. Given the young age of the children, Jump Start’s preschool classes place an emphasis on movement to release their energy and have fun.

Leaping Lemurs (3-4.6 years – coed) 55 min

Tumbling Tigers (4-5.5 years coed) 55 min

Kipping Koalas: (5-6 years) 55min

Recreational Gymnastics (5-14 years old)

Recreational classes are designed to continue to develop the social, emotional and physical skills acquired in the pre-school class through learning more gymnastics. Children will be exposed to the compulsory skills dictated by USA Gymnastics as the foundation of these classes. All apparatus will be used, vault, bars, beam, floor and tumble track.    

Check out our Rainbow Progression Chart for more details on our class progressions.

Kindergarten/1st Grade (55 min):

Girls (1st-3rd / 2nd-4th / 3rd-5th / 4th-6th / 6th+ grade) 55 min:

Rec Stars:

Tumbling (8+ years old)

Tumbling: The focus is on fundamentals of tumbling which includes forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back bends and kick-overs.  After these skills are mastered the children will begin front/back tucks, front/back handsprings, and series and combinations.

Tumbling (3rd+grades) 55 min &  1.5 hours

J-Sport (2 – 5 years old)

The J-Sport program introduces the basic skills of basketball, soccer, t-ball, and various other sports. Children ages 2-5 years old learn and play in a fun and non-competitive environment. Each class will be packed with lots of fun and learning. The children will work on body awareness, flexibility, strength, basic concepts of different sports, and self-confidence. Each child will be challenged so that he/she accomplishes his/her personal best.

J-Sports (2 years) 45 min

J-Sports (3-4 years) 45 min

J-Sports/Gym Combo (3-4 years) 1 hr

J-Sports (4-5 years) 45 min

J-Fit (3 years old – adult)

The J-Fit program not only addresses our youth but adults as well. For the youth we use obstacle training and various exercises that help develop a strong core for better posture in our every day lives as well as developing gross motor skills that can help them in numerous different sports . For teens/adults we use more of a boot camp/ circuit style of training to help strengthen and tone all while having a great time doing it.

Read on to learn the benefits of our J-Fit classes for each stage of development.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School/Adults

J-Fit Class Descriptions

3-5 years / 4-6 years / 6-9 years /  9- 11 years / 11 years + (45 minutes)

Adult -15 years old and up (55 minutes)

Aerial Silks (6 years old+)

Combining gymnastics, dance, and a little circus mystery, our silks classes take aerialists on an incredible journey with no limitations. Starting at the age of five, your child will begin to develop strength and grace to float through the air and defy gravity.

Beginner Aerial Silks (55 minutes)

Intermediate Aerial Silks- coach approval required (55 minutes)

Open Silks (30 minutes)

Acrobatic Gymnastics (3rd grade+)

In acrobatic gymnastics (acro) acrobats coming tumbling, dance, and partner balance and dynamic skills in an exciting synchronized floor routine. Acrobats will work on trust, reliability and teamwork as well as overall strength and flexibility.

Acro (120 minutes)

All Jump Start classes are canceled 8/28-9/4.

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