Many families have been asking about how they can order mats for their home.  Jump Start Recommends these two companies for in home use.  Gymnastics is a great sport that is lots of fun but can also be dangerous.  Please feel free to ask questions about safe skills to practice at home and always make sure there is an adult supervising.



We have been selling these mats for over 5 years (they sell mats year round!!! if looking for birthday gifts later in the year feel free to let us know)
TO ORDER: Email info@jumpstartgym.com with the item (and color) you would like.  (mats come with I Love Gymnastics and I Love Cheer Stickers so you can choose which to put on)
***ORDERS can be placed year round
PAYMENT: Checks can be written to JSG TEAM or CC on file can be charged with an additional $5 processing fee.
SHIPPING: Is FREE on all items when shipped to the gym (you will be emailed when you items arrive).  IF you would rather have items shipped to your house there is an additional $5 per item charge.


 They have a large variety of items, please feel free to ask about the equipment.  Many items have youtube demonstrations attached which helps explain the item.
(we have one of the handstand homework at the gym if you would like to see what it looks like!, handstands are a crucial skill in the sport of gymnastics and can always be improved! This item fits on the back of a door for easy storage)
Please make sure to put the PROMO CODE: JSG30019 when you place your order.  Jump Start gets credit from each order towards equipment for the gym 😉
TO ORDER: Go directly to their web site WEB SITE: http://www.tumbltrak.com/
***ORDER BY DEC 18th for xmas delivery (ORDERS can be placed year round)
SHIPPING: Items ship directly to your home