“Mom, he must be there, I hear screaming!”  Harris (4y.o) telling his mother that Coach Todd must be here because the kids are screaming in fun.

“Courtney is a great coach.  I personally love her because she is safe and I know my daughter is in good hands when they start doing things that scare me.  I have heard that Todd is great with little ones”

“Jump Start is my favorite. I am learning more and more and I am now getting to go to do meets and today Jump Start (level 3)got in 5th place!!!”

“I am a professional nanny and my oldest child had both coach Todd and coach Courtney. I was extremely impressed how much they were able to teach such young children, they have the perfect blend of kindness and strictness!
After my second child was born we tried out another gymnastics class and it truly did not measure up, so we switched back to coach Todd and coach Courtney. Again I was incredibly impressed with his development. Lastly my daughter also took their class since she was 18 months and continues to impresses people with her learned abilities.”

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"Courtney is absolutely wonderful. My daughter enjoys gymnastics more and more and has learned so much. I highly recommend Jump Start Gym to anyone with children!"

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