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The Preschool program is designed to focus on the child’s willingness to attempt challenges and finding success in just trying. The skills are all taught in progressions, with an emphasis on safety. We applaud everything your child tries to do. Given the young age of the children Jump Start’s pre-school classes place an emphasis on movement to release their energy and have fun.

Bouncing Bears: OMO (2.5-3.5 years) 30 min
On My Own: for 2’s that have taken a prior parent tot class and are ready to try on their own.  We continue with the concept of separation and taking our turn. We begin to work on taking direction and begin to explore independence. Activities include basic gymnastics skills on the vault, bars, balance beam and floor.

Leaping Lemurs (3-4 years – coed) 45 min
This class focuses on children’s activities to foster independent work and as an introduction to separation and setting limits for themselves. Children are encouraged to take direction during activities rather than visually mimicking activities. We also explore our independence, building confidence and self-awareness through special “by myself” activities. Activities include basic gymnastics skills on the balance beam (kick, dip, and hop), bars (open/close, chin up, front support).

Tumbling Tigers (Pre-K coed) 45 min
This class focuses on combining more advanced gymnastic skills, while continuing to utilize the foundation built on the balance beam (kicking, dipping, and hopping) and bars (open close, swinging, pullovers) vault (jump one-two feet on spring board). We continue to explore our independence; building confidence and self-awareness, with a greater focus on students setting their own goals and “practicing” independently.  We also practice waiting our turn and learning from others.

Kipping Koalas: (5-6) 55 min
This class helps to ease the transition from our Flipping Frogs class to our K/1st class. We take advantage of a 7:1 student to teacher ratio to keep our groups small and comfortable. This small setting starts right from the warm-up, where kids learn a choreographed warm-up dance that they will perform at our Showcases. We utilize equipment in both the preschool and recreational sides of the gym to build the children’s gymnastics skills and confidence.