Meet the Staff

Courtney: Just You and Me Kid / Pre-school / Rec Gymnastics / Team / Manager
Courtney was born and raised in NYC. She was a competitive gymnast as a child and continued her talent through high school.  She always had a niche for working with kids.  At the young age of 12 she babysat often for siblings (three younger sisters) and friends.  She began coaching gymnastics at 14 and hasn’t stopped since.  She moved to Atlanta in 2002 and started coaching at the Ashford Dunwoody YMCA, where she quickly moved up to become the Gymnastics Coordinator, growing the program from 30 participants to over 300.

Courtney has been working with kids from the ages of 3 months to 15 years old, including pre-school, recreational and competitive team.  She has always maintained her USA gymnastics safety certification and also keeps up with current pre-school certifications (formerly KAT, now HOT).  Working with kids brings a smile to her face – not only when a skill has been accomplished, but a goal has been reached.  For some that may be walking down a high beam alone, and for others just getting up on the beam.  There is no standard in working with children.  Each child is an individual with their own personality.

A 20 year old dream is finally coming true with the opening of Jump Start Gym.

Lih-Sia Byam: Special Events Department Leader (Rec Gymnastics / Acro  / Parents Night Out/ Billing) (

Lih-Sia grew up in Maryland where she took rec classes in gymnastics for most of elementary and middle school.  In high school she transitioned to dance and acrobatic gymnastics. She was a member of her highschool performance dance troop and competed in acro her junior and senior years. During her senior year of high school her acro coached opened a new gym, where Lih-Sia worked part time coaching, doing birthday parties and summer camps, and assisting at the front desk. After leaving for college she continued to work at the gym during summer and winter breaks until permanently settling Atlanta in 2007.

After high school Lih-Sia moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech, where she earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006.  Since then she has explored careers in banking and property management, and is happy to have found a job she loves at Jump Start coaching rec classes, acro and tumbling.
Robyn Rhoades: Team Coach / Rec Gymnastics / Boys Coach / Desk / Cheer
Brooke Little: Head Girls Team Coach and Coordinator
Annette Florence: Just you and Me KidPreschool Coach and Department Lead
BJ Wade: Boys Team head coach, girls team coach, rec and preschool
Kasey King:  Just You and Me / Preschool / Rec Gymnastics/ team Coach

Daniela Silivas Harper: Head Team Coach

Marina Davidovich: Dance and Flexibility Coach

Shayla Royal: Front Desk

Crystal Fofana: Front Desk

Jamal Clay: J-Sports / Preschool Coach/ Birthday Parties

GJ Hudgens: Preschool Coach/ J-Sports/ Birthday Parties / Camp

Cayse Scott: Preschool Coordinator / Rec Gymnastics / Team

Rachael Gray: Camp Coordinator / Just You and Me Kid / Preschool / Rec Gymnastics / Tumbling

Sharkie: Silks