Summer Sanity Saver

Give yourself an afternoon off with our Summer Sanity Saver. Drop your kids off for a few hours of fun while you run errands, go shopping, or go home and relax for the afternoon. We will play games, have a snack and end the day with a movie so kids can wind down before pick up.

Please sign up by the Thursday (8pm) before the Summer Sanity Saver date that you want.

Summer 2016 dates and times coming soon!

Ages: 4-12 (4 & 5 yr old’s MUST be students at Jump Start)

2016 FEES: enrolled families $25 1st child, $15 2nd child, $10 3rd child ($50 max family)

Non-enrolled students/family add $5 per child

To register:
->Either log on or create an account at

->Click on Program choose PNO then click SUBMIT
->Find the date you are looking for ->Click on ENROLL

*We will manually adjust the cost in our system for 2+ kids from the same family once you have signed up.

*Minimum of 5 kids signed up in order to have an S.S.S