The J-Fit program not only addresses our youth but adults as well. For the youth we use obstacle training and various exercises that help develop a strong core for better posture in our every day lives as well as developing gross motor skills that can help them in numerous different sports . For teens/adults we use more of a boot camp/ circuit style of training to help strengthen and tone all while having a great time doing it.
Elementary School
*Developing a strong core at young age provides long term benefits, like better posture which studies show that having good posture leads to more attentiveness and reading in the classroom.
*Exercise can also be an outlet for anxiety and different sensory issues young child may have.
Middle School
* As we get older we continue to develop the social, emotional and physical skills acquired in our younger classes through different and more challenging exercises.
*J-Fit gives your children a fun environment to challenge them selves and be around their peers whether its from the same school or a different county.
High School/Adults
* our teens can develop a strong core as well, using plyometrics and various exercises, we continue to gain strength and flexibility.
* its never to late to work on your core, as adults a strong core can make every day actions easier on the body; lifting up your child and carrying them around, loading groceries, or just sitting at your desk at work.
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This will be great conditioning and strengthening for the off season for any sport or for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your children. Let’s set new goals, make new plans and do work.

Please email or call with questions! info@jumpstartgym.com / 404-252-5867

It is the fundamental ideals we set now that turn into core values for a lifetime!

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"Courtney is absolutely wonderful. My daughter enjoys gymnastics more and more and has learned so much. I highly recommend Jump Start Gym to anyone with children!"

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